Rules for issuance and withdrawal of press-cards for mass media representatives

1. General
1.1. The Regulations adjust the relations in the field of giving single press cards to local and foreign journalists working in the press irrespective of the form of property and taking them back, by the Azerbaijan Press Council (hereinafter “Council”).
1.2. The Council establishes form and dimensions of the single press cards.
1.3. The Regulations have been prepared referring to the By-Laws of Council.

2. Requirements for giving single press cards
2.1. The media organ gives single press cards to the journalists who work in the media organ on the base of individual labor contract and make social payments to the State Social Protection Fund.
2.2. Single press cards are given for 1 (one) year.
2.3. The press cards are given to the journalists on the base of presentation of the media organ they work.
2.4. The presentation for giving single press cards should include the following information:
- title of the media organ;
- names and list of the journalists to necessarily give press cards;
2.5. The presentation is enclosed:
2.5.1. For each journalist:
- copy of IC;
- 1 photo (3x4);
- biography including labor activity;
- reference on payment to the State Social Protection Fund for each enlisted journalist.
2.6. Foreign journalists should present following documents to have single press cards:
- individual representation for each foreign journalist given by media organ;
- copy of IC;
- 1 photo (3x4);
- copy of the document asserting term of the foreign journalist’s stay in the country;
- document conferring payment for card of each foreign journalist.
2.7. The means transferred to the Council’s account for giving single press cards should only be spent for special purposes (preparation of press cards, financing of actions connected to defense of journalists, invitation of experts, etc).
2.8. Members of the Council establish financing of such actions by a special resolution.

3. Procedure of giving single press cards
3.1. Representations on giving single press cards and the attached documents are submitted to the Council.
3.2. Within 7 (seven) working days after the representation was received, the press cards are prepared and given. Chairman of the Council informs on it at the next sitting.
3.3. In absence of vital reasons, the Council cannot but give single press cards.
3.4. The single press cards cannot be given in the following cases:
3.4.1. In presence of counterfeit data in the presentation or the enclosed documents;
3.4.2. In presence of verdict on closure of the media organ or on imprisonment of the journalist whose documents were presented for single press card.
3.4.3. In lack of the necessary documents pointed in the 2.5 and 2.6 items of these Regulations.

4. Final terms
4.1. Single press cards are given under the Council’s seal and included in the register.
4.2. In the case of revelation of forged information in the documents, the Council makes decision on taking back of the press cards given to the media organ.
4.3. The media organs are obliged to return to the Council the press cards of the journalists who have been dismissed or changed their working places.
Approved on the decision of the Azerbaijan Press Council on 6 August 2003